Among the Quebecers

Nana often came to give concerts in our homeland and her records are present in every home. During all these years, she familiarized herself with our culture and knew those like her who are artists or who had an impact in our society. Who are the Quebec personalities with whom she socialised, those she admires and who do the same for her?

The Great Antonio
Roger Baulu
Sonia Benezra
Denise Bombardier
Jacques Boulanger
Isabelle Boulay
Pierre Bourque
France Castel

Robert Charlebois
Véronique Cloutier
Leonard Cohen
Audrey de Montigny
Céline Dion
Diane Dufresne
Jacques Duval

Jacques Fauteux
Jean-Pierre Ferland
Louise Forestier
Maureen Forrester
André Gagnon

Mitsou Gélinas
Antoine Gérin-Lajoie
Samuel Gesser
Fernand Gignac
Guy Godin
Jean Guilda
Louise Haley
Yves Jacques

Guy Jodoin
Panayoti Karousos
Dominique Lajeunesse
Pierre Lalonde
Jean Lapointe
Serge Laprade
Daniel Lavoie
Félix Leclerc

Guy A. Lepage
Les Foubrac
Claude Léveillée
Suzanne Lévesque
Monique Leyrac
John Manolesco
Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Dominique Michel
Paolo Noël
Jacques Normand
Danielle Ouimet
Laurent Paquin
Lise Payette
Gilles Pelletier

Isabelle Pierre
Jean-Guy Prince
Peter Pringle
Francis Reddy
Ginette Reno
Maurice Richard

Martine St-Clair
Diane Tell
Fabienne Thibeault
Marie-Soleil Tougas
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Dany Turcotte
Serge Turgeon
Sonia Vachon
Gilles Vigneault
Roch Voisine