Pierre Delanoë 1918-2006

On December 27, 2006, the  lyricist Pierre Delanoë died at age 88. He is considered as the most recorded author of all times with 5,000 songs.

The first of the 113 texts he wrote for Nana dates back to 1961. "Retour à Napoli" is an example of song requiring an impeccable pronunciation which taught her the respect that one owes with the French language. Two years later, Nana represented Luxembourg at the Eurovision with "À force de prier" and in 1967, she sees the start of her career in France with "C’est bon la vie", always from the same lyric writer.

This collaboration continued throughout her career with a lot of success: "Le ciel est noir" (1974), "Quand tu chantes" (1976) and "L’amour en héritage" (1984). During his partnership with his accomplice Claude Lemesle, Delanoë wrote "Je chante avec toi liberté" (1981) which was worth a real triumph to them.

Thank you, Mr Delanoë for your beautiful messages which knew how to touch us through Nana’s voice. We will continue to hum your refrains. Your texts will remain in our memories and in our hearts!