Nana honoured in Quebec

Seven years after giving her last concerts in Quebec, Nana returns to be honoured. Indeed, on May 28, 2013, she receives the insignia of the National Order of Quebec from the Prime Minister, Mrs. Pauline Marois. And two days later, on May 30, The Faculty of Arts at McGill University awards her a Doctorate "honoris causa". Nana also takes the opportunity to give several interviews and to announce her next tour in our homeland in April 2014.


Quebec City, May 28: National Order of Quebec

Established in 1984, the Order of the National Assembly is considered as the most prestigious distinction in Quebec. Since then, every year, around 30 Quebec and foreign personalities who participated in the development and the influence of our province are decorated. On May 28, 2013, thanks to the bounds she created with Quebec Nana is promoted to the rank of officer. During that Tuesday afternoon, nearly one hundred guests are gathered in the Red Room. There is in particular her close relatives, the chansonniers Gilles Vigneault and Jean-Pierre Ferland as well as several members of the political family. The ceremony lasts about twenty minutes. The three guests of honour speak then the presentation of the insignia, the patent and the signing of the golden book take place.

«Internationally renowned singer, you have created with the people from here real alive bounds both for your Love for the French language and your attachment to Quebec. In a few moments, you will join a line of exceptional people. Your name will be engraved on a monument near the St. Lawrence, this majestic river, Quebec’s emblem, which is on the insignia that will give you our Prime Minister.»

Monique Vézina, Vice-President of the Board for the Order.

«You have promoted our culture while singing tunes from our most illustrious artists such as Jean-Pierre Ferland, Gilles Vigneault and Leonard Cohen. You had a crush for Quebec, and the Quebecers gave you back that affection. As an Ambassador, you have carried your message everywhere, throughout the world, essentially for the defence of children's rights. You are an exceptional woman. Nana Mouskouri, it is an honour for me to welcome you and to give you, on behalf of the people of Quebec, the insignia of officer of the National Order of Quebec.»

Pauline Marois, Prime Minister of Quebec.

«It is a privilege, an honour and a great distinction that fill me with pride. It is an immense emotion. It is also a responsibility that I feel. It's been half a century since I discovered this beautiful country. You adopted me and that was the beginning of a long love affair with Quebec and Canada. Your culture has enriched my values. We loved each other. We still do. Thanks for making me feel today that I'm coming back home.»

Nana Mouskouri, officer of the National Order of Quebec.

So Nana Mouskouri becomes the 52nd foreign personality who receives that recognition and she is part of a group of 841 members. With that appointment, she will have the privilege to use the following initials after her name: O. Q. (Officer of the National Order of Quebec).

Like the personalities who obtain the title of Knight and Grand Officer, the insignia is based of the cross and the fleurs-de-lis of Quebec’s flag. The ribbon incorporates the blue and white of the Fleurdelysé.

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Montreal, May 30: Doctorate "honoris causa"

"honoris causa", a Latin term, means: an honorary university degree. In fact, it is the highest distinction given to a person who excelled in one of the spheres of activity of a university. Nana owes that appointment to the Hellenic student Association of McGill University. At the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Greece they wished to honor a Greek personality that we know. Therefore they recommended Nana to Canada's Ambassador in Greece, Mr. Robert Peck, and that became real. According to him, Nana contributed to the relations between the two countries. She brought Greek music here and made ​​known Canadian authors in Greece. That is how Nana is convened to the Convocation of Arts and Religious Studies on May 30, 2013.

On that occasion, nearly 2,000 chairs are set up under a hug big top in the front yard of the lower campus. The big red carpet is rolled out and we are getting ready for a major ceremony for graduates. Shortly before 10:00, they are arriving. All of them wear a black toga and a mortar. Then a cortege of fifty officials is going to the stage to have a seat. Nana is one of them. She wears a red and turquoise toga and a hat.

A little later, Professor Heather Munroe-Blum, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, praises her brilliant singing career, her social and humanitarian commitment. She also recalls her friendship with Quebec and Canada since her first visit with Harry Belafonte. Then, Dr. Vasilios Papadopoulos, FAAS Department of Medicine, hoods her and the Chancellor M. H. Arnold Steinberg, CM, gives her the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters.  

Moved, Nana speaks. She evokes the context of war in which she grew up and that led her to seek Peace, Love, Humanity, Comprehension, Justice and Dignity. In the 60s, she came with her Greek songs. Bonds were established with Quebec. Then her impresario Samuel Gesser made ​​her known across the country. That is why she wants to share this honour with Greece and Canada. Grateful, Nana says: «With this invitation, you made me understand that the way I choose was the right one». Her emocional speech has much to inspire all the students seeking success.

That ceremony where pride was honored lasted two and a half hours. Some 800 students were awarded their diploma. Also present, two personalities to whom the university decided to award a doctorate in recognition of their work: Nana and Judith Butler, American philosopher who did a lot for advancing the feminist cause. 


(May 31, 2013)

(May 31, 2013)

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These major tributes are a proof of Love from the people of Quebec. However, they are the exclusivity of the two institutions. The public to whom Nana owes everything could not share these moving moments with her. They’ll have to wait till her next Canadian tour in spring 2014. At that moment, we will be able to see, to hear her performing and to show her how much she counts.

August 9, 2013