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A decade ago the Quebec site of Nana Mouskouri was born. On May 4, 2005, after several months of preparation, it was finally accessible by the Net surfers. Its purpose was to integrate Quebec among all the tributes which were already dedicated to her. At the same time, to make known a country, a part of its history and to shine the spotlight on the bounds that Nana created there over the years. I am pleased to recall the main achievements of the site and to share some experiences.

Let us continue in 2010, year of the last report. The site included the reports of Nana's first tours in Quebec. For the sake of updating, I gathered them in a common section named MEMORIES. In it, have been added THE FIRST STEPS and THE BIG ADVENTURE IN AMERICA, two pages which tell that beautiful story that Nana has lived on this side of the Atlantic. As new pages are put online, the old ones are modified. For the column "Concerts", I decided to set the pages in the form of grids like those for the recordings.

After years of correspondence with Luciano Di Napoli, Nana’s band leader, I still knew little about him. Then I thought: if he’s interested in what I do and if he doesn’t have his own website, why don’t I share his story with my visitors? So I sent him a series of questions about his career and to my great joy, he generously answered me. I dedicated to him a biographical text and an interview. By creating a section to him, I indicated that there is the singer, but also the pianist.

Due to the effectiveness of social networks as Facebook and Twitter, the forum Multiply ceased its activities. So I replaced it for a guest book with all the messages received since the site's launch. Between the tour reports of 1972, 1973 and 1974, the pages of memories I REMEMBER, MEMORIES FROM QUEBEC and THE YEARS 1970 TO 1974... were used as editorials.


A site has the advantage of being updated. Scanning regularly the Internet in different ways allows me to know every new detail and to add the pertinent links. I also go on my own site to advance my research and I always find something to improve. I plan my future pages. Some are prepared years in advance. As I have few opportunities to talk about all that with my entourage, a couple of times, I decided to do it with my students.


Each year, my students (13-15 years) have to give a talk about their passion. In their French textbook, it is said that since the Internet explosion, groups of people who share the same interest have formed. It cites the example of an entomologist who created a website to report his discoveries to all fans of the world. It is somewhat like me a little. In order to give them an example I talked to them about Nana and presented my website. I hesitated a bit before doing it, fearing their reaction, but it went very well. Most of them also sent me an email of congratulations that I proudly posted on the forum.

The reports are among the texts I prefer to write. There is nothing better than being a witness of the events and relating them in my own words!

I had the privilege to experience this during several concerts and when Nana was honored in Quebec in May 2013. On that occasion, she received the insignia of the National Order and a Doctorate "honoris causa" from McGill University.

Many realized then the relationship of Nana with Quebec. During and after her stay, the number of visitors increased considerably. In addition to the usual fans who closely followed every development, there are those who discovered my site. I was proud to learn that it served as a reference during the appointment process.

By creating this virtual space, I imagined the challenge. Other sites were already online. I had to build something original and that reflects her. So I wrote my own texts, I have worked hard and thought a lot to improve what is in place and to find new ideas. I am happy to celebrate my ten years on the Web. I thank the occasional and regular visitors for their messages of encouragement and the friends who are always there: Luciano, Jutta, Christian, Celine, Helga, Marcin...


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Some links

Dieter Romberg's Nana Mouskouri Seiten (May 2005)

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Some messages

Your site is quite an achievement ... a real gem! Nana has now a Website of high quality, created here in Quebec.
Albert Nuttall, Webmaster of "Belafonte Tracks", Quebec (May 11, 2005)


Everything is simple and well made, the texts pleasant to read. We feel like rediscovering the character!
Denis Cauchoix, France (May 24, 2005)


I wish you always keep the passion, that motivation needed to continue this colossal work.
Frédérick Blais, Webmaster of "Les auteurs et compositeurs de la chanson francophone", Quebec (March 25, 2007)


Your site is easy to navigate, full of human warmth and interesting information. What you write is moving.
Yamina Youssef, France (March 15, 2008)


Throughout the pages is exhaling with tenderness all the true admiration of a young man of the North for a great voice of the South.
Jeff Ros, France (July 1st, 2008)


What a sensibily in your comments! The emotion makes me shiver.
Christian Langlais, France (September 17, 2008)


To hear about such a passion motivates me to hold to the things I like.
Marie-Ève Durocher, Quebec (April 12, 2009)


It is the will of an entire time, of a nation also and of your own life.
Denis Alarie, Ontario (February 7, 2010)


My very great compliments for this "monument"! And my deep respect for your warm and personal words and stories!
Frans Artz, Netherlands (May 24, 2010)


A lot of time devoted to this passion has resulted in something huge!!!
Samuel Fortin, Quebec (February 22, 2011)


Everythings is superbly written and presented. It's a beautiful journey through time.
Françoise Guehenneux, France (June 5, 2012)


You have a real poetic vein. Everything is pleasant to read.
Helga Rademacher, Germany (January 30, 2014)