First songs

In general, the performers make themselves known through their first songs. In Greece, let us think about "Kapou iparhi i agapi mou" with which Nana won the first prize of the Song Festival. In Germany let us mention "Weisse Rosen aus Athen" which earned her a golden record. In France, when she's asked about the title of her first success, she says "Les parapluies de Cherbourg", her eleventh record. In the Anglo-Saxon countries, the situation is similar as her career really took off with her third album, "Over and Over". Besides her first big hits, let us discover the songs that marked the beginnings of Nana's four main repertoires.

Roses blanches de Corfou
C'est joli la mer
Un homme est venu
À force de prier
Les yeux pour pleurer
Avant toi

The white rose of Athens
Wildwood flower
What now my Love?
Smoke gets in your eyes
My colouring book
The one that got away

Xero kapio asteri
I timoria
Xypna agapi mou
San sfirixis tris fores
Kourasmeno palikari

Am Horizont irgendwo
Die Worte dieser Nacht
Wo ist das Glück vom vergangenen Jahr?
Einen Sommer lang
Johnny Tambour

Early Nana’s successes played an important part. They defined her style. Those in French and in English, in particular, led to the international career that we know. Until the release of the Integrals in 2004 and in 2005, they could be described as rareties, as vinyls of the time became impossible to find. Today, the fans may appreciate that the entirety of these two repertoires is available. No doubt that now they wish the upcoming release of her long-awaited Greek and German Anthologies.