The essentials

There are songs that we associate with a performer. Over the years, they stand out for different reasons and the public expects to hear them during the concerts. They are called the essentials. During her long career, Nana has accumulated many. You are no doubt curious to know which ones and why? Here are, according to my knowledge and research, those from her four basic Repertoires.

Les parapluies de Cherbourg
L'enfant au tambour
Adieu Angelina
Le temps des cerises
Plaisir d'amour
Le temps qu'il nous reste
Le ciel est noir
Quand tu chantes
Je chante avec toi liberté
L'amour en héritage
Je reviens chez nous
Les feuilles mortes 

The white rose or Athens
Try to remember  
Turn on the sun 
Four and twenty hours 
The three bells 
Nickels & Dimes
Roses love Sunshine
Song for Liberty
Amazing Grace 
Only Love
Oh! Happy day 
Over the rainbow

Hartino to fengaraki
Kapou iparhi i agapi mou
To kyparissaki 
To fengari ine kokkino
Ta pedia tou Pirea
Enas mythos
Odos oniron
Milisse mon
I endekati entoli

Weisse Rosen aus Athen 
Ich schau den weissen Wolken nach 
Einmal weht der Südwind wieder 
Rote Koralen
Sieben schwarze Rosen
Die Welt ist voll Licht 
Guten Morgen, Sonnenschein 
Lieder, die die Liebe schreibt
La Provence 
Lied der Freiheit
Lily Marlene

It is not easy to determine the most significant of 1,500 songs. Some are among the favorites and their success is impressive. Others have a special meaning and marked a new step in Nana's career. Of course, these are essentials and the fans know them. At some point, we also have been touched by other beautiful songs. That is why, in different times and from country to country, the selection may vary somewhat.