Stéphane Robert

It all started in March 1970, when I saw one of her records for the first time. I had the strange impression that I already knew her. But who could this lady be, in the red dress? I listened to the record and I let myself be transported away by her voice. This disc which was not mine, was finally given to me. Then, at Christmas, I was very happy to receive a second album. I was only 5 years old ! And it continued...One day in 1974, while my father was leafing the newspaper, much to my surprise I see an advertisement of her next concert in Montreal. So I had the joy of attending her concert in the company of my parents and my sister.

Today, I am a teacher, and at 58 years of age, I continue to be impassioned by the character. I devote all my spare time to seek her discs, her photographs as well as her newspaper articles, her radio and television interviews. I take pleasure in compiling information relating to her, to better understand the journey of her life. The advent of the Internet helped me to develop my network of contacts and to admire the marvellous work achieved by other fans through their websites. At my turn, I would like to share the emotions and the thousands of hours of pleasure that Nana has given me through her songs.





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