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After a certain number of years, I like to review and elaborate on the latest developments of the site. The last time was in 2015. I was celebrating its 10th anniversary without making any major changes in its presentation. However, to facilitate reading, I modified the typeface and the font colour, changing from gold to black. And, the title has been simplified to "Site québécois de Nana Mouskouri".

Among the most recent editorials, there are the reports of Quebec tours celebrating their 40th anniversary: 1976, AN OLYMPIC YEAR!, 1977…SEPTEMBER, MAY AND JUNE 1979 and 1980, A YEAR OF TRANSITION. I also created a sequel to certain articles whose theme deserved to be deepened. There is in particular, A NEW VOICE OF SUNSHINE and A TOUR IS COMING, a recall of the discovery of her voice until her first solo tour in our homeland. Then, FOCUS ON FOUR REPERTOIRES and THE ESSENTIALS in which I highlight various notable titles from the eight main recorded Languages. Then, THE TEN-YEARS JOURNEY and WORLD PORTRAIT, a summary by country during two periods of Nana's career. More numerous, I classify the articles from the MEMORIES section by themes in order to facilitate research.




In addition to evoking the wonderful memories of a prolific and long career, it seems to me necessary to cover the most recent events. So when I have the chance to be there, I like to put down on paper my remarks in order to write a report. This allows me to keep a precise memory and to share it. I did it several times after concerts in Germany, Greece, Spain and France.


During Nana's stay in Montreal, in May 2018, I attended her master class at McGill University. On this occasion, four students from the music faculty came to perform two classical pieces each. Nana listened carefully to them and shared her musical background with them. This exchange between an accomplished singer and young performers was so rich that I had to write an article about it. At the reception, Nana apologized for not being a teacher. As I am one, I told her that we must also be able to teach without textbooks to deliver our experiences. And that's what she did.


Over the past few years, I also had two great encounters linked to Nana.

First of all, Jean-Pierre Ferland, the author of "Je reviens chez nous" of which Nana made an international success. Fortunate coincidence, I had just written an article about the 50th anniversary of his signature song and made a video montage of it in seven languages. I took advantage of his presence to show him my site and I taught him that his name appears in several sections. Before leaving us, I gave him a USB flash drive including the documents which concern him.

Secondly, the singer Laurence Jalbert who has just recorded an album entitled "Au pays de Nana Mouskouri". In it, she covers 13 of her songs in a very personal way with country orchestration. She did this CD for her late mother, who listened to Nana every Sunday. The album is a big success. Moreover, Laurence is preparing her tribute tour to Nana. I intend to go and see her.

Recently, during a lunch break at school, former students came to my classroom. They were preparing their yearbook and they wanted to take a picture of me, because according to them, I am one of the teachers who marked them. What a nice surprise! Indeed, very often, it is only years later that we learn what we have transmitted. It was mainly because of the two classes I had dedicated to my travel anecdotes and my passion for Nana. For these students, those moments are part of their high school memories that they wanted to keep and share. It moved me. So, I appear in a section of the album where the particular habits and typical expressions of various teachers are highlighted. About me, it it mentioned: «Stéphane and his love for Nana Mouskouri.»

We are now in 2020 and it's been 50 years since I discovered Nana. It was in March 1970, thanks to a 33 rpm that Aunt Monique had bought. I have a special thought for her. At the same time, I am beginning my sixteenth year on the Web. When I started, I wanted to build something original by writing my own texts. Obviously, they had to be translated into three other languages. However, this laborious task allowed me each time to review the original text and to improve it. Of course, in addition to the regular updates. But it doesn't matter, what I have achieved so far, I have done that with passion and enthusiasm and I am satisfied with it. Also, I am very grateful to you who read me...and to my friends: Bobby, Céline, Helga, Bernd, Christian, Luciano...Thank you a million times!