Memories from Quebec

Quebec tours 1965-1980

COMING: Among the other Quebecers


Survey of her career by country:

The ten-year journey

World Portrait



The first steps in America

The big Adventure in America


Her beginnings:

The first day of glory

A new voice of Sunshine

A tour is coming

COMING: Two specific periods

A turning point

Olympia 1967




An essential for Canadians

An enviable discography

The gold records, a fascinating topic


Eight repertoires and more:

First songs

COMING: The essentials

Focus on four repertoires

COMING: The other languages



White roses bloom again

COMING: "Un Canadien errant"

"Je me souviens" (I remember)

COMING: "Je chante avec toi liberté"

"Je reviens chez nous"


My memories:

1970 * So many memories

The years 1970 to 1974...